The Clan Brodie is recorded From at Least 1262. The Clan Brodie is of Ancient Descent. The Clan is found in Scotland and Ireland. It is believed that they are the descendants of the Original Peoples of the land known to become known as North Eastern Scotland. The Chiefs of Brodie were survivors of the old Pict Aristocratic order that spawned six Brud Kings. A finely carved Pict symbol (The Rodney Stone) still stands close to the Castle as a momento of the dynasty which Saint Columba came to visit. "The later Scottish clan system was itself a modified reflection of Pictish Society" The Picts did not dissappear. They merged with the people of Scots Dalraida that had moved into Western Scotland.The last Scottish King to be chosen through Pictish Maternal Lines was the Great Macbeth. Clan Brodie's said relationship to McBeth is said to be through Lady Gruoch Bodhe (sp)

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